We simply love having fun! Everyday we immerse ourselves in fantastic games and play in wonderfully amusing worlds that we discover. We cannot stop because we don’t want to stop – fun is our ultimate goal.


This is what gaming is all about! Experience amazing games and enjoy fascinating stories. Dive into perilous circumstances and emerge victorious. Create happy memories with your friends and whole family – fun is simply guaranteed.


Discover amazing stories, participate in complex and story-rich settings and be irreversibly mesmerized with unique worlds. You’re a part of the story – immersed completely in the world of the game where every detail counts and can decide your fate.


Enjoy tons of fun with every single game. Waste not a second – numerous fantastic possibilities and chances await to transform your day into a magical gaming adventure. Play the way you want and the way that brings you the most enjoyment – you’ll always find another fantastic world to visit or an amazing story to experience.

loodo team

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Founder of Loodo Ninja. Fueled by creativity.

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Social Media Ninja. Keeps our community connected.

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Office and Sales Manager. Busy making the best deals

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Art Director. Adding life to the canvas.

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Game developer. Giving shape to our ideas.

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Since we’ve begun operating on a board gaming landscape we’ve been working with a plethora of amazing partners bringing us and many board game enthusiasts a lot of fun and enjoyment across the years.