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Who we are

Loodo Ninja is a game publisher established in 2021 based in Cracow, Poland. Enjoy our games and immerse yourself in worlds we create for you!

Asia Distribution Partner

During the Crowdfunding Campaign for Bedeville Carnival in 2022 we established a retail distribution cooperation with CMON Limited – the biggest board gaming publisher in the world. With CMON on board we aim to bring our games to many more players seeking a thrill-inducing experience.

bedeville-back (1)
With walking dead winding down and The Zombie Survival Guide now almost twenty years old, it seems like the pop culture era of zombies might finally be heading back to the grave for good.
Become a true Etherneter - unleash your reflexes and be quicker than anyone else in this amazing dexterity game! Master the ethernet and trust your super-senses! Soon on Kickstarter!
Unleash your tactical prowess with an exhilarating strategy game that will have you craving for another round!


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Immerse yourself in the worlds of our games – fulfill your fantasies and win against your friends in many competitive titles. Relax yourself while enjoying your new favourite game. Work with or against your competitors to claim the winning spot. The world of amazing possibilities is yours to explore.

State of Development: Bedeville Carnival

Greetings, everyone! We are here with a lot of information for you regarding the state of development for our game – Bedeville Carnival. We are happy to say that development of the game is progressing at a nice pace but

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Since we’ve begun operating on a board gaming landscape we’ve been working with a plethora of amazing partners bringing us and many board game enthusiasts a lot of fun and enjoyment across the years.