Bedeville Carnival

Welcome to Bedeville Carnival, a place where death is not the end, but the beggining the endless nighttime amusement. When the sun goes down, the lights go on and the dead rise up. But they don`t erave brains. Only fun!


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Welcome to Bedeville Carnival, a place where death is not the end, but the beginning of endless night-time fun. As the sun goes down over this incredibly atmospheric haunted amusement park all kinds of zombies rise up from their graves to participate in a night full of rides, souvenirs and other joys of the carnival.
Join the festivities now – in this scarily fun fast smart strategy board game you will play as one of the zombies competing over the course of a night to become the most joyous of them all!





Modular Board – enjoy the freedom of movement in not two, but three directions. Plan your moves ahead and execute your strategy while responding to the ever changing board situation. It can get quite hectic!
Characters’ abilities – each character possesses their own unique abilities ensuring a varied gameplay experience depending on your choice. Find the best character to suit your playstyle!
Inter-player interactions – No matter what you do and how you play you will always affect other players – be it by activating attractions’ features, changing the amount of noise on the board or affecting the placement of Mr. Carl.


1xPlayer mats
1xCharacter tiles
1xLink tiles
1xVP markers
1xIncome markers
1xBlack coal cubes
1xBeer barrels
1xOrange iron cubes
1xIron Clays (Deluxe Only)
1xMoney tokens (Retail Only)
1xIndustry tiles
1xMerchant tiles

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