Bedeville Carnival comes to Kickstarter while CMON joins the zombie festivities!

Loodo Ninja starts distribution cooperation with CMON and Noble Knight for Bedeville Carnival, a zombierific board game that returns to crowdfunding with even more additional free content coming to ALL backers!

It was not that long ago when Bedeville Carnival launched its campaign for the Collector’s Box edition of the game on Gamefound aiming to bring us a lot of fun with zombies in a different way than you would normally imagine. Developers from Loodo Ninja presented the undead in a new light – as fun-seeking and cool-looking zombies doing their best to simply have fun in a creepy yet fascinating amusement park guarded by vicious Mr. Carl and his trusty sidekick Fleabag.

At the current moment we already know that BC’s campaign was quite successful – backers enjoyed the possibility to choose characters that joined the line-up of zombies through voting and character battles, they also influenced the final choice regarding the box art. The campaign also increased the number of attractions and ensured that the Collector’s Box that was offered through crowd funding became quite huge. It was not a surprise that right after the campaign ended those that didn’t make it in time asked about the possibility of getting the game at a later time. And of course – Loodo Ninja, as befitting the ninja profession, was listening the whole time.

Now, we’ve been notified that Loodo Ninja is bringing Bedeville Carnival back to crowdfunding again! The reasoning behind that move is quite sensible – game developers want to reach wider audience, ensure that everyone who didn’t hurry up before will get another chance to get the Collector’s Box but also – which should definitely be super important for many of future and previous backers  (as it does concern both Kickstarter and Gamefound backers!) – to grow the game even bigger than it currently is! The new crowdfunding campaign, this time happening on Kickstarter, will feature additional free content that will become available for ALL backers on both platforms – we’re talking about new characters that have never been seen before but also new attraction cards! Let us reiterate that once again – this extra content that Kickstarter campaign brings will be available for backers on both platformsKickstarter and Gamefound!

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That is not the end of amazing news for Bedeville Carnival. It’s been reported that Loodo Ninja has started distribution cooperation with CMON – the biggest player on the board gaming landscape! That means that Bedeville Carnival will be able to reach many more players and everyone will get a fantastic chance to participate in cool festivities sponsored by zombies and Mr. Carl! Loodo Ninja is particularly proud of this cooperation as their dream has always been to create amazing games for many to enjoy – now thanks to CMON they will be able to achieve just so!

To add to that Loodo Ninja has been in contact with other local and regional distributors like Noble Knight. Thanks to their reach Bedeville Carnival will have additional ways to find their ways into many players’ homes! 

Bedeville Carnival is thus growing further meaning that a game which already had the so important replayability factor now receives an even bigger boost in that department while maintaining its diversity and the attention to gorgeously illustrated game components. Keep in mind that we’re talking about the Collector’s Box edition of the game – the Kickstarter campaign might be the last chance to get your hands on the biggest possible version of the game and for all the passionate collectors this is a great chance to enlarge their collection!

We can’t wait to see what kind of new characters and attractions have been born in the minds of developers from Loodo Ninja but we definitely know that they’re going to be appropriately freaky – we would even dare to say that the whole setting and characters from Bedeville Carnival would work fantastically as a movie and we wish Loodo Ninja the best in that regard!

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Bedeville Carnival | Now on Kickstarter

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