Clickport and Speedport – cable revolution now on Kickstarter!!!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that after two years of preparation and strict development, our unique and revolutionary cable games Clickport and Speedport have launched on Kickstarter to gain your support!

Clickport Setup

Clickport and Speedport are truly unique experiences, each of these games has something for everyone, and their simplicity and flexible approach to rules and players make them a great gateway for starting a board game adventure, but of course, players with more experience in the hobby will also find something to enjoy.

Speedport setup

While Clickport will test your strategic approach, Speedport, on the other hand, relies more on your agility and speed. Each game doesn’t require much time for either preparation or gameplay, so you’ll always want to play again once you’ve finished one game!

Unique components

The campaign on Kickstarter has just launched and is waiting just for you! Join the ranks of backers now and compete for the title of King of the Net!

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