Bedeville Carnival is on its way!

Hey! Great news everybody! I can officially say that Bedeville Carnival is on its way to our warehouse. What that means for all of us is that we’re one step closer to playing the game! Everything has been shipped to us from China.

In the meantime, we visited Pyrkon and it was amazing to see all of you as hyped as we are about Bedeville! We played many games and we’re positive that it’s nicely balanced providing an experience for everyone to enjoy.

So you’re probably wondering about the status of everything. Well, we’re expecting everything to arrive around the middle of July. From there we’ll start preparing everything for shipping to all of you. If everything goes as planned everyone will receive their copy of the game somewhere in August!

So stay tuned, we’ll make sure to update you with any upcoming news about delivery as well as… something special coming soon. We’re planning a release of Bedeville Carnival Polish Edition. But more about it in the future, all you get for now is a tiny teaser :3 Talk to you later gamers!

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