Loodo Ninja visits Pyrkon 2023

Hey guys! How are you doing? I’m here to tell you a bit more about Pyrkon we attended a while back. We have decided it’s a great opportunity for us to meet all of you and bring you some joy with our latest board games! So how it went? Well… let me tell you all about it!

So it started rather simply, we arrived around 9 am to make sure we can grab the best spot in the board game zone and prepare everything. We managed to grab probably the best table just right in the middle of the board game zone and set up our tables. And then everything started. We made sure to give our best in promoting games, trying to catch as much attention as possible. It turned out great, our latest game Speedport always had a full table! Władek was always there to run a Bedeville Carnival game and I did my best with Gwidon to keep running continuous games of Speedport and Clickport. It was overwhelming how many people were interested and I guess we didn’t expect that big of a crowd all the time so it took us by surprise. Positively of course!!!

The day went crazy fast and it was a huge success! We gathered a lot of valuable feedback from all of you and managed to invite players for a tournament. But wait tournament?

So after a wonderful Friday and a good night’s rest, we came back stronger for a Saturday as it was the most important day for us. We planned out tournaments for both Speedport and Clickport starting with the dexterity game at first. We were worried that an early hour will be a downside but we had plenty of participants! After a long battle, many screams and plugged cables there was only one winner. Mrozo came out on top, completely destroying the competition and as a reward got Speedport-related merchandise. Have a look at how happy he was after winning that tournament!

After that exciting tournament and a short rest, we were very thrilled about the upcoming Clickport tournament. It didn’t disappoint as well, we had many participants ready for the battle of minds to see who really deserves the title of the King of the server! It was also a good benchmark of how well the game is balanced as everyone came with a slightly different strategy. Games were long but exciting, full of unexpected moves and tactics. Then the huge final started and only one could win. We heard a Clickport, checked the board and everything became clear. Mrozo again swept the competition away and became the King of the server! Shortly after the tournament, we had an official coronation.

Tournaments were a great addition, we even had lots of people just spectating those games! We were really happy to see everyone getting so excited about our games! We just can’t wait to release them as soon as possible so you can enjoy them! After that, the rest of the day went by as busy as Friday so we had a chance to showcase those projects to more people!

After an even more exciting Saturday, we came back for the last day. It was a time for rest, we had a couple of games but it wasn’t as crazy as other days. Still, we had quite a lot of visitors still interested in the concept and with wonderful feedback that allowed us to rethink some of the issues that we have encountered.

To sum up, Pyrkon was a great experience. All the people we have met, all the games we played with you, and every single feedback you gave us was an honour. We just can’t wait for another opportunity to bring our games to the next event and meet all of you, because after all, that’s what we’re trying to do here as a team. Bring loads of fun to all of you! And we’ll make sure to keep doing that as much as we can! See you at the next event!

If you’re interested in supporting Speedport and Clickport projects sign up to not miss the start of the campaign: https://loodo.ninja/etherneters/

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